Thursday, May 21, 2009

IBM Updates

Thursday afternoon was in first place dedicated to updates concerning Compilers and MPI environment including a feedback session.

Barna Bihari from ICON Consulting started the session with a look into IBM's transactional memory compiler. This alphaworks project allows the developer to specify transactional memory regions (-> link)

Roch Archambault, IBM, when giving his compiler update

Chulho Kim, IBM, who updated us on MPI and lead the feedback session

Blue Gene Morning

Thursday morning was mainly focused on topics around IBM's BlueGene computer architecture.

Todd Inglett from IBM gave an overview of what has been changed and updated recently. (In order to get the IBM speakers not in trouble, in case they accidentally provided information, which would otherwise have required a NDA at this point of time, I will not cover IBM talks in more detail.)

Pascal Vezolle, IBM France, talking about Mixed OpenMP/MPI approaches on Blue Gene for CDF applications

Partial Global Address Space languages are without a doubt a hot topic.
Rajesh Nishtala from UC-Berkeley gave an insight into implementation of those languages, with a focus on Berkley's own UPC on the BlueGene/P architecture. He finds that UPC outperforms MPI on the BlueGene/P.

Markus Blatt from IWR, University Heidelberg, Germany, introduces DUNE - a partial differential equation solver framework which has recently been ported to the BlueGene/P architecture.

Memory debugging on parallel architectures is often a tedious task. Ed Hinckel from TotalView Technologies showed, what can be achieved on this front using the memory debugging features of TotalView on the BlueGene architecture.

Finally, David Klepacki, IBM gave an update on IBM's ACTC work and tools